Here are some Theraband Exercise sheets for you to download(in PDF format):











Vehicle ergonomics

Standing up and sitting down

Do you use your arms for support or strength?  Do your legs have enough strength? Do your knees/hips bend fully, make cracking sounds, cause you pain?  Is this an easy or difficult task? Do you make the transition smoothly? Does the thought of lowering yourself to the floor scare you? If you fell down, could you get up easily without assistance. These are all things we should think about and practice daily. Now that the idea is in your head, give it a try.  Were you successful? Did you try more than one technique? Think back: how did you make this transition in your 50s, 30s, teens or even as a school child? How has your body changed? With a little practice, could you use the same techniques as you did when you were younger?  Is it a lack of range of motion in a joint or leg strength that is holding you back (making this task challenging or scary). 

A CHALLENGE FOR YOU: to practice getting up/down from the floor. GOAL: to be able to complete this task with different techniques (ie. Kneeling, hip roll, cross legged squat, with or without arm support).  HOW TO IMPROVE: I want you to work on increasing leg/arm strength. Start by using your arms & hands for support or to push yourself up.  With repetitions, decrease the force through the arms & use more leg strength.  Once comfortable, eliminate arm strength and all force should come from the legs.  Slow the activity down to decrease momentum and focus more on muscular strength.

How do YOU get up/down from the floor? Kailey and Janet will demonstrate for you in the pictures below!