Our History

Vision Statement
Partners Physiotherapy Service is positioned to be a leader in community based health care by working together with all stakeholders. We will strive to lead through knowledge, collaboration, compassion and partnership.

Mission Statement
Physiotherapy is a great path to help you focus on preventing or reducing pain and recovery from injury.

Partners Physiotherapy Service is focused on partnering WITH YOU on your journey to ultimate health, mobility and enjoyment of life in all aspects. Our service is based in communication, compassion, education, commitment and excellence in “habilitation” health care.

We believe that we all have the responsibility to ensure that our own health and healthcare is the highest quality possible. The ongoing process of achieving high quality health and healthcare can best be achieved in a co-operative manner between all the ‘Partners’ involved.

Partners Physiotherapy Service is dedicated to working with you and all the other members of your ‘Health Care’ team to provide assessment, treatment, education and consultation relating to the practice of physiotherapy and other health related issues.


Partners Physiotherapy Service was registered as a sole proprietorship in Dec. 1993 and opened in the private practice clinic format in Hanover, on April 11, 1994. My vision for this clinic was founded in hope and grounded the conviction that there was a need for our service. I had a belief system, a set of skills and a body of knowledge that I wanted to use to benefit this identified need within my community. Over the past 25 years I have chosen to follow that dream as it lead me through a number of changes and structures both physical and philosophical. Based on the knowledge, there is nothing as constant as change and that change offers opportunity. In 2007 Partners Physiotherapy Service was registered as a Partnership. Over the intervening years, the physical location that Partners has inhabited has changed and we are now located in a beautiful heritage building on the main street of Walkerton. Very early in Partners’ existence the vision was to better serve our community. We decided that we could and should practice in association with a variety of other health care professionals which now includes 2 Registered Massage Therapists, A Naturopathic Doctor and a Certified Pedorthist. The building is known as Total Body Wellness.

Our philosophy directs us to work with all members of your health care team and support system. Over the years this has included many students, including local co-op placements and college and university residents. They have come through the facility experiencing firsthand, the knowledge and skills required to be a successful Physiotherapist, Kinesiologist and health care support staff member. We have also supported several talented contract people in our Good Health programmes.

In 1994, Partners was started with one Registered Physiotherapist, Wendy Baines, who was and continues to be the owner, manager, administrator, technician, and visionary. She has 38 years of physiotherapy treatment experience and continues to work on progressive, knowledge-based techniques in her mostly orthopedic practice. Partners Physiotherapy Service currently employs a Registered Kinesiologist and three administrative assistants whose purpose is to guide and support your experience with all of us at this clinic. The Kinesiologist has always played a vital role in the supervision and progression of the exercise portions of our treatment plans. They also provide direct access to individual fitness programmes through their own specific training and experience. We are continually looking to expand our service and hope to encourage and employ another Physiotherapist in the near future.
In January 2011, ‘Partners’ opened a small 150 square foot treatment office located in Total Body Wellness. We have been a full service full time physiotherapy private practice in this location since August 2015. We now occupy 3 rooms in the rear of this building and have a fully equipped private treatment area and an equally well equipped small gym facility. We are currently providing assessment, treatment, consultation and education through Physiotherapy and Kinesiology services to the people of Walkerton and area on a 5 day per week basis. Our most requested Good Health programme is the Personal Training programme which is supervised by our Kinesiologist.
Supporting our ongoing belief that continuing education is vital to the development and sustaining of high quality health care, Partners supports in-house and community based seminars/workshops for the general public, students and professionals at all levels. Instructors can be in-house or contracted and the focus is progressive, scientific based, pro-active education appropriate to the support of ‘Good Health’ for our community.
Early in January, 2014 Partners Physiotherapy Service became a certified Shift Concussion Management Clinic. We provided this service to the Hanover and area community for 2 years prior to our move to be full time in Walkerton. Although we currently don’t have the size of facility that can offer this service we fully support the important access to ongoing assessment and treatment of concussion injuries and will provide referrals to appropriate providers.
In recognition of the significant and ongoing support of the local communities, Partners Physiotherapy Service gave back to the community in April 2019. We accepted donations of Personal Hygiene products that were given to the Women’s House Serving Bruce and Grey. We matched the donations with a monetary gift. In the fall of 2019 we accepted donations of winter hats, mitts, gloves, socks and scarves that were given to the Bruce Grey Child and Family Services organization.
Most of all a great big THANK YOU to our clients, friends and family for the wonderful opportunities to become a Partner with you on your journey to ultimate health, mobility and enjoyment of life in all aspects.

Wendy Baines