Personal Training

Partners Physiotherapy Services offers personal training at an affordable price. Our Registered Kinesiologist- Janet wants to work with you to help you reach your fitness goals. You will receive a new exercise program every 10 sessions in order to target different muscle groups, keep you interested and help you improve your overall fitness.

Each program is individualized and is focused on what you want to improve on, as well as taking into consideration any current or previous injuries that you might be dealing with.

The benefits of having a personal trainer are that we can help to motivate you, push you to achieve the best results, and monitor that the exercises are being executed properly to maximize efficiency and minimize the chance of injury.

No matter your reasons for wanting to become more fit, we can help you reach your goals of becoming more physically fit.

If you find large, busy gyms intimidating, Partners Physiotherapy is the place for you! The atmosphere is fun and exciting, and there is always someone here to answer any questions you might have in regards to exercise.


Private Assessment and Program Introduction $95:  Our Registered Kinesiologist will spend a one on one session learning about your fitness history, goals and do some testing to gauge your capabilities. The second session will introduce a fitness program created specifically for your needs

10 Personal Training Session Packages $100 (Senior $80): Working in the gym you will go through your personal training program, under the guidance and supervisions of our Kin. The Kin will modify the program to accommodate any changes.

Follow Up Session to Change Program $50: If you are keen to switch things up, this session will allow the Kin to follow up on your personal training goals and introduce a new fitness program to you!

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